about the author

Tari White loves living in the Seattle area with her son. They live surrounded by tall green trees and plenty of sparkling clear water. Tari loves writing, kayaking and creating art. Her cat, Dude, helped her write this book.  It is the first in her series of children's books - if Dude can stay awake long enough to help. Dude was born with bright blue eyes, long white fur and no tail. He looks like a miniature short-necked llama and purrs like a lion.



about the illustrator

Sotirios Vougiouklis lives in Greece with his wife and two children. Sotto has been drawing since he was a small boy. He is self-taught and teaches children how to draw at the nearby school. I don't know if he has a cat that helps him, but I will find out and let you know in the next book.