The Story of a Star
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"we're too busy loving to care!"


This book is dedicated to my friend Starlyn. She was the sister I never had growing up. She was indeed a magical being that transformed the lives of so many people. She was a fierce warrior and the softest, most gentle being all rolled into one. Her heart was as big as the earth, as were her aspirations. She connected with everyone who was open to seeing the magical world around them. She taught me so much about energy, healing and to never grow up – EVER!

Star lost her battle with cancer in March 2015. This book started out as a letter to her. I wanted to honor her in a way that she would know how special she was to me and my son. Everything in this story is true. It happened when we were together or she told me about it from one of her many journeys.

Star never read this story, she passed the day it arrived. However, I know that Star helped me write it. She was with me in spirit as I formed the sentences, guiding me and consoling me at the same time.

Star was a champion for children all around the world. She has inspired me to help children of all ages, by sharing her story. I want to help people understand that the ability to communicate to all forms of energy is a blessing, it can heal. Helping others is the true blessing.